Russian Language and Culture Summer School "Siberian Holidays"

The fastest, most efficient and interesting way to learn a language is to visit the native country of the language. It is better to learn Russian in Russia! 

Target audience −

foreign citizens aged 18 and over who are interested in or are already learning the Russian language and culture, planning to deepen their knowledge of the subject or start learning from scratch.

The School of the Russian Language and Culture "Siberian Holidays“ offers:

  • effective and fascinating study of Russian in a comfortable and cozy atmosphere;
  • opportunity to make new friends from different countries;
  • immersion in the language environment;
  • individual approach to each student, studying in small groups;
  • qualified, creative, energetic teachers;
  • modern technologies of studying the Russian language;
  • extensive cultural program: excursions, acquaintance with the nature of Siberia and amazing culture of its people, clubs by interests, discussion round tables, workshops and many others (all events are included in offline program; online program includes only classes of the Russian language);
  • optimal ratio of price and quality of educational services.

Russian Language and Culture Summer School program description

Course duration: 3 weeks (60 academic hours, 2 ECTS)
Training period: 05.08.2024 – 23.08.2024
Language of instruction: Russian

from Monday through Friday 10.25 till 13.55,
after 14.30 - cultural program

Tuition fee:
  • Education program: 30 000 RUB 
  • Flexible cultural program according to your choice ~ 5000 RUB

CERTIFICATE upon completion certifying training in the Summer School!

Training for the international exam - Russian as a Foreign language (TORFL) and passing of A1-C2 exam with the state certificate after completion is possible.

If you want to join our Summer School, please fill in this Application Form, send it to e-mail and follow furher instructions. Deadline - 1,5 month before the beginning of the Program .

Testing is conducted prior to the course in order to evaluate the language proficiency of students, training objectives and formation of groups.


Academic Program

Program title / Level

Program description

The Russian language for beginners
Level A1-A2

You will be able to:

  • start communication, know how to get acquainted, know verbal etiquette forms;
  • ask questions, speak about facts, objects, people, express a desire, request, agreement, disagreement, refusal, or make an invitation;
  • communicate in Russian at the University, in library / store / bank / cafe / transport, in the streets and at the post office.


 Active vocabulary – 760 words.

Basic course of the Russian language
В1-В2 level

You will be able to:

  • talk on the following subjects: about yourself, family, friends, study or work, your workday, spare time, your country, its capital, native town, health and weather;
  • study in Russian at any RF University, talk on politics, arts, education, etc.

Active vocabulary – 2300 words.

The Russian language advanced course
С1- С2 level

You will be able to:

  • talk on the subjects that are relevant for you as a person (family, work, rest, man and woman, parents and children, travel, spare time, hobbies);
  • talk on professional subjects;
  • talk on social and cultural topics (man and society, politics, economy, man and science, man and arts);
  • talk on the subjects associated with general humanistic problems (man and nature, spiritual development of a man, man and space, etc.).


Vocabulary – 10000 words. Active vocabulary – 6000 words.

Cultural Program

ExcursionCost (per 1 person)Description
Sightseeing tour by bus 250 rubles

Acquaintance with the city of Tomsk and its most interesting sights. Language of excursion - English.

Museum of the History of Tomsk 250 rubles

In the Museum of the History of Tomsk you can get acquainted with the subjects of the life of the Siberians of the 17th and 20th centuries. The elements of the Siberian dwelling, the reconstruction of the boats of Ermak and so on are represented in the halls of the Museum.

Cossack fortress in Semiluzhki 1000 rubles

This is a historical reconstruction of the Russian fortress of the 17th century. During the tour, you will examine Russian fortress of the period of Siberia's accession to Russia, observe watchtowers on the fortress walls, chapel, Russian cottage, smithy, refectory, storage, wells, bathhouse and much more; get acquainted with the traditions of Russian life, try on the helmet of the Russian warrior of the 17th century, drink a tea from samovar and a bread from Russian oven; look over the collection of old Russian coins.

Siberian Botanical Garden 300 rubles + translator

Plants of more than 6000 species, including more than 2,000 species of tropical and subtropical plants grow in the greenhouses of the garden and in the open grounds. There is the largest collection of exotic plants in the Asian part of Russia, presented on the area of 6500 square meters. Traveling along the alleys of the garden will give you moments of pleasure from meeting with the unique flora of the world!

The First Museum of Slavic Mythology 300 rubles

You can visit one of the largest private museums in Siberia, which presents the original works of easel painting, graphics and works of decorative and applied art based on Slavic history, mythology, epic tales, Russian fairy tales and customs. The history of ancient Russia comes alive before your eyes! Participating in the workshops, you have the opportunity to design a matryoshka by yourself and to make a traditional rag-doll.

Tomsk brewery factory tour 100 rubles (a group of at least 10 people)

The history of Tomsk beer began over 130 years ago: the brewing business appeared in our Siberian city thanks to the Prussian citizen Karl Kruger. He created the first plant in Tomsk in 1877. After that the history of boiling foamy, amber and fragrant drink began in our city. The cost of the excursion includes tasting beer and kvass.

NKVD Museum 150 rubles

The exhibits of the NKVD Museum give everyone an opportunity to look at the documents and artifacts related to the repressions in the 30-40's. XX century. This museum has unique materials from the history of Tomsk in the Soviet period and it is extremely popular not only in Russia.

Russian bathhouse (bania) 1000 rubles per hour

Siberian bathhouse on firewood is the best option for a good rest. The bath will help you to strengthen the body and spirit. You will become a participant of the workshop "The Basics of Soaring in a Russian Bath". The program includes herbal tea with Siberian herbs, honey, kvass, birch brooms, shish kebabs and vegetables on the barbecue.

Educational and recreational activities free

We offer a pleasant time for the popular board games (Scrabble, Mafia, Monopoly, Contact and others), take part in an exciting self-quest for monuments and interesting places in Tomsk, or to learn Russian folk songs and more!



TPU hotel-type hostel No.15

Hotel-type hostel of Tomsk Polytechnic University is a modern building located not far from the main building in the TPU campus and equipped with the electronic security system.

For convenience’s sake of guests, there are kitchens, paid laundry, room for self-studies. The rooms are equipped with refrigerators and TV-sets. There is a cafe on the first floor of the hostel. The fee includes cleaning of rooms.